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Get Ready for the club

The future is coming

Technology is changing every day

The Concept

Creating and developing entertainment in the metaverse will be big business.

Creating different virtual environments in which users can live out their dreams while not having to spend outside their means will be a place where creativity will know no limits. At Oasis we want to be the place known for everyones great time. We are looking to host top notch entertainers who like the idea of being able to do five shows without ever jumping on a tour bus. The Fans can be at every show just by touching a button.

The Entertainers

Who we want to work with

We are looking to bring on people with broadcasting experiences in Deejaying, vocalists/and or bands, live production and perhaps even stand up comedy. We want to host new and upcoming acts as well as established entertainers with their own followings as we believe in the future everyone should have an equal playing field.

Bringing the world closer together

The world gets smaller everyday

So you are away at college or far from home but miss the friends and family you grew up with? Meet them at Oasis. Once our concept is under production we will be integrating ways to connect to your favorite metaverse project while staying connected to everyone in your group.

How does it work?

How do I apply to do live shows?

Submit your info to the station for a chance to set up an audition

Just Email your info to us at the top of the page to be considered for when we roll out with live shows streaming both audio and video via the site and your avatars in virtual worlds


So we plan on rolling out our services as more MV worlds roll out.

We have secured several deeds in multiple online worlds to operate as home base, we don’t want to reveal to much, but we are in fact excited for what the future holds. We all know that digital assets and online entertainment are already a massive industry, just wait until new technology is more prevalent and adoption is even wider, the potential for pioneers in this industry is massive. Case in point…Think about when Mr Beast first joined youtube. That is where we are with virtual worlds and the things they will become.

Play a show in the sand dunes and get some serious crowd surfing space.
Internet Radio on steroids

So Who Am I?

I am DJTK and the founder of Oasis Radio and Entertainment.

I have been doing live shows in virtual environments since 2007, have ran several online radio stations and am very much into digital assets and real estate. I am also for freedom of speech and an equal playing field for everyone. Digital communications have made careers and brought people together all over the world and we hope to take that to the next level.

  • Creativity
  • Freedom of speech
  • Entertainment
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Social Interactions
  • Live Shows as well as playlists
  • Helping new talent be seen
  • Technology compatibility

Some of the MetaVerse projects to watch

Not Listed in any Particular order

Still Under development



Open for exploring


Open for Exploring

Under development

Under development

Under Development

Under Development

Under development

Learning Academy

Resources and tools

These are some great links to get you started, We will be posting more and more content as the site develops.

Please feel free to share our site as a learning tool to all of your curious friends.